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 Video Resources منابع ویدیو


Google Video


Current TV

Vimeo is a site for organizing and sharing video clips.

Dailymotion is about finding new ways to see and show the world. What's a movie good for, if it's stuck on your video camera, hard drive or mobile phone... So open up and share your videos with the world!

Internet Archive

Only for use within the UK

Cylive is a “community-centric content management platform” for managing – (co-)creating, storing, sharing, distributing, publishing - all your structured and unstructured Web content under “one roof.” You can collaborate with your friends & family to jointly produce & publish content. You can create material in your own new, unique way. For e.g, a photo album can have a voice clip attached to each photo about how and when the snap was taken. Content-type agnostic Cylive gives you the freedom to control who can do what & when with your content. For e.g, you can assign ‘add photos’ privilege to everyone in your family, but only give ‘view photos’ right to your friends. You can not only specify privileges individually within your group, but also set time restrictions.

This one's a little different in that you share the adsense revenue on your video display pages. Submit Videos and make some money!

Share video, music, and photos online. Free 5GB online storage. Online backup.

Share videos and photos and publish them where they were taken.


Automatically categorizes videos from youtube with related photos from flickr, albums from and books from amazon.

Video meta search engine with playback of videos directly from search results.

Users can upload videos up to 100 MB in size, users can earn by placing their own adsense ads on their video upload pages.

They have some great videos online

Video formatted for inclusion in online auctions


A digest of recently added, most viewed and most discussed videos that are posted on You Tube.

Video sharing and broadcasting app with web integration

Streaming video service (Live video streaming), video blogging, vlog, video casting, video webcast, vblogging from Skilltip, an Interactive website for how to videos submitted by companies & individuals let you broadcast yourself.

Unique free file storage service (1GB free space) which combines social networking, file sharing, and easy publishing (photo galleries, audio/video podcasts, blogs), creating new ways of sharing and using files online.

One of the largest collection of free music videos plus news, weather and sports


live technology news and video Webcasts

This site let me upload and share my videos. It was super-simple. Plus, they gave me 25 GBs free!

Wow!!! This site has combined flickr, youtube, myspace and facebook into on site for college students. Some Very Cool Video sharing features...

A simple website builder that has an easy video editing and upload feature. Has a one month free trial.

brilliant stuff here


NOS Journaal24 Netherlands TV news

TMF Dutch Music video stream

Nederlands TV Jeugdjournaal


Hundreds Of MP3 Straming Stations

Search through the radio servers or choose a gendre



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