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Top 40 ٍEnglish Sites بالا ترین چهل سایت انگلیسی زبان

FeedBurner is a popular RSS feed manager, with over 600.000 feeds in their roster. One of the advantages it offers is tracking the statistics for your RSS feed usage. Publishers can also choose to go public with this data, and many of them are displaying the number of their RSS subscribers, according to FeedBurner, on their site.These are on English blogs only, In any case, this list is not meant to be a definitive metric of any kind. Itís just here to tickle curiosity.




]f you have an addition or a correction to the list, let us know, and weíll add it. The idea is to make the list as accurate as possible, so weíll gladly accept your help!



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Video Resources منابع ویدیو

World Association for American Studies انجمن های آمریکا شناسی در جهان

 Persian Bloggers in the World وبلاگ های ایرانیان در جهان




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